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Greetings! I am a self-taught musician / composer born in S. Miguel, in the fabulous Azores. My musical influences encompass jazz, classical music, New Age, electronic and some film score composers.


As a longtime fan of soundtracks, I was fortunate to be contacted by José Carlos França, co-director of IRIS-Audio Visuals in order to compose music for documentaries, TV and radio commercials, and the soundtrack of a short TV movie entitled "A DISTANT CHRISTMAS" produced by IRIS - Audio Visuals, co-produced by RTP-Azores. Despite being a product of my generation, I have no hesitation in introducing a more contemporary language into music of traditional influences, especially applied in documentaries.


I also have had the privilege to be invited to participate in the recordings of Azorean musicians such as Luis Bettencourt and Aníbal Raposo, among others, in the arrangements.

At the moment I'm spending more time in publishing several original albums that mainly cover New Age ,Electronic music and Neo-Classical.

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“Mario Raposo is the composer of choice with our production teams. His creative capacity is prevalent in his work on fiction, contributing to give the saught out atmosphere in the various situations lived in this film (Um Natal Distante), whether it be suspense moments, or emotional ones. In documentary, he has elaborated various themes adequate to all genres, even composing epoque pieces for historical passages, displaying much versatality and finesse.”

 -- Carlos França, Director/Independent/producer/ in IRIS-AUDIO VISUAIS


"Mário's music is elegant, moving and expertly contructed. We have been colleagues for some years now. I am also a composer. I have deep admiration for Mário's craft and ability. His music is never forced nor inauthentic. It consistently speaks from a place of honesty and necessity and always with something moving and compelling to say."

-- John Califra, American film score composer

"Mario is an incredible, magical composer. His music has a huge amount of atmosphere and he has the ability to run structural phases within a piece through every conceivable emotion. He can powerfully evoke an ethereal ambience, or a atmosphere of foreboding, dark forces as well as feelings of pathos or waiting....a lull within a storm. As well as being totally fantastic to work with and easy to get on with, I couldn't wish for a better thematic composer to have worked on my forthcoming epic animated fantasy film. I really wouldn't have any hesitation recommending Mario, he really is better than great!"

-- Ralph Shephard, director in Burnhamwood Productions Ltd


"If I had to choose someone who I trust and make arrangements for my songs, Mario would be this person, I have worked with him long enough to recognize his talent, his professionalism and the excellent person he is. the islands (Azores) the ideal place to shine, Mário Raposo can still make his work around the globe with some ease and comfort, which only testifies to his real value.

-- Pedro Almeida Maia, azorean writer/musician


"Mário is actually one of the best azorean musicians. Highly recomended!"

-- Aníbal Raposo, azorean singer/compositor/poet

"It is a perfect privilege to know that there is a Musician-composer like Mario Raposo, in the lusitanian world ...... my wishes of a long and auspicious Life. "

-- João Pires DaCosta


"Always loved Mário's music. Great cinematic compositions and amazing classy melodic lines. His music surely worth a listen: you'll find something magic!"

-- Corrado Rossi, italian award-winning composer

"...The diversified presentation in Mario Tracks, step our senses in a rich universe of melodies rhythms and textures. Like a filled painted music sheet, with aural notes of invitation. An imaginary signed card that cross our mind, showing the path to a mysterious world of sounds and melodies..."

-- Metricks, portuguese electronic musician

"Heartland" will bring you into a beautiful land where emotions and colors are so well blended together that you will be wrapped by Mario's music! Great production, fresh and touching sounds, original arrangements, awesome breath-taking melodies... most recommended!! BRAVO Mario!"

-- Anna Lorenzi

"For lovers of "World Music" this album (Heartland) is a real treat. There wasn't one track that I didn't like. I don’t know if this is Mario's first release but I would like and hope to hear more from the gifted writer that Mário is."

 -- Peter Romanowski, british musician/bassist

"Mario is a composer of great sensibility and his music reflects the softness of his soul."

-- Ana Rá, portuguese pianist/composer

"I have listened to the offerings from this Azorean artist quite a bit. The tracks tend to grow on you. This piece (Alien Eyes) is a bit of a rollercoaster ride such as you might go through if you thought you saw someone with alien eyes moving through a crowd - brief glimpses, strong impressions, pauses to consider the possibility. Mario is adept building a mood and this is a prime example."

-- Vesa Peltonen, Canadian artist/musician


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